Trouvaille Cid-Am2002 Banana Cleaner Toy
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Trouvaille Cid-Am2002 Banana Cleaner Toy


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The Official Trouvaille Cid-Am2002 Banana Cleaner™ 

Trouvaille Cid-Am 2002 Banana Cleaner: The inner liner of this massager is food-grade silicone safe material, soft and comfortable, and very durable. We strictly protect the privacy of our customers and will not print any product information on the outer packaging.

❤ This versatile Banana Cleaner features an open-ended design, allowing you to use it in various ways. By focusing on the head, the sleeve can provide intense pleasure by stimulating the nerve endings around the head.

❤ The Male Banana Cleaner also has two lids, one at each end. You can keep one lid closed for shallow stimulation, or release it to replicate the sensation of a deep plunge. If you remove both lids, you can fully insert yourself for a more intense experience. Leaving one lid on while inserting creates a vacuum, resulting in a different and tighter sensation.

❤ The Banana Cleaner has an independent handle that is easy to hold and adjust to your posture. Its simple buttons are great for one-handed control.

❤ The product comes in 100% discreet packaging, without any sensitive wording or markings.